Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random characters !

So Ive been slacking a bit on the blog lately....thats what happens when the sun starts shinning (: Seriously tho lol, Ive been quite busy. These are a few characters I've done recently, experimenting with different styles and got stuck on this one. I really enjoy it, and its a good style if you want to get ideas out quick !!!!!!! Polishing tho takes time.

Bogar Chancay has tagged/nominated me for this great game. (: All the info is in the first comment under this post! Will follow up with a link to the blogs I nominate.

Take care everyone. Keep drawing!

EDIT: Hey everyone these are the Blogs Ive TAGGED. Check them out !!!
Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe
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Peter Breese : Illustration and Design
C.B.Canga ART
Tims sketches and whatnot
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